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The Lord of the Rings
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Part 1: 1-16

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The Lord of the Rings
Unused Scenes

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

unuse01 Thumbnail
Who: Elves
Where: Probably Lórien
When: Running through forest.
Size: 38 Kb.
unuse02 Thumbnail
Who: Boromir, Pippin, Sam, Legolas, Aragorn
Where: Lórien
When: Entering Lórien, pursued by Orcs.
Size: 64 Kb.
unuse03 Thumbnail
Who: Legolas
Where: Lórien
When: Drawing bow.
Size: 82 Kb.
unuse04 Thumbnail
Who: Éowyn
Where: Glittering Caves
When: About to lay into an Orc with her sword.
Size: 61 Kb.
unuse05 Thumbnail
Who: Pippin, Merry
Where: Outside Fangorn
When: Gawking at Orc head.
Size: 50 Kb.
unuse06 Thumbnail
Who: Arwen
Where: Unknown
When: Greeting Aragorn.
Size: 30 Kb.
unuse07 Thumbnail
Who: Éomer
Where: Forest
When: Riding.
Size: 91 Kb.
unuse08 Thumbnail
Who: Merry
Where: Edoras
When: Merry: "You shall see the Shire again."
Size: 43 Kb.
unuse09 Thumbnail
Who: Pippin
Where: Edoras
When: Crying.
Size: 45 Kb.
unuse10 Thumbnail
Who: Merry, Pippin
Where: Black Gate
When: During battle.
Size: 49 Kb.
unuse11 Thumbnail
Who: soldiers of Mordor
Where: Minas Tirith
When: Wielding battering ram.
Size: 76 Kb.
unuse12 Thumbnail
Who: Elven smith
Where: Rivendell
When: Reforging Andúril.
Size: 44 Kb.
unuse13 Thumbnail
Who: Arwen, Elrond
Where: Rivendell
When: Embracing.
Size: 61 Kb.
unuse14 Thumbnail
Who: Arwen
Where: Rivendell
When: On bridge.
Size: 74 Kb.
unuse15 Thumbnail
Who: Arwen, Elrond
Where: Rivendell
When: Elrond: "I can no longer protect you."
Size: 62 Kb.
unuse16 Thumbnail
Who: Legolas
Where: Probably Rohan
Size: 51 Kb.

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