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Blake's 7

The following are the captured images, with descriptive information. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the episode. All images are JPEG files.

games011 Thumbnail
Where: Scorpio
When: Orac: "Invariably prized as a precious stone, until its commercial and industrial uses were discovered."
Size: 43 Kb.
games023 Thumbnail
Where: Scorpio
When: Tarrant: "What, using energy from fairly distant stars, concentrated through the crystal? Could you run a ship on it?"
Size: 42 Kb.
games046 Thumbnail
Where: Scorpio
When: Tarrant: "And in the meantime you were doing deals with outsiders?"
Size: 42 Kb.
games055 Thumbnail
Where: Scorpio
When: Tarrant: "Sounds respectable enough."
Size: 40 Kb.
games076 Thumbnail
Where: Scorpio
When: Tarrant: "I wish him luck."
Size: 37 Kb.
games091 Thumbnail
Where: Scorpio
When: Tarrant: "Powerful enough to stop a ship leaving orbit? I don't believe it."
Size: 39 Kb.
games108 Thumbnail
Where: Near mine
When: Watching.
Size: 66 Kb.
games126 Thumbnail
Where: Mine
When: Tarrant: "Avon, come in."
Size: 57 Kb.
games166 Thumbnail
Where: Belkov's living quarters
When: Belkov: "Can you explain why your friend Avon has taken your ship out of orbit?"
Size: 38 Kb.
games190 Thumbnail
Where: Underground room
When: Tarrant: "And when the dust settles, we're here to take the blame for sabotage, as well as everything else."
Size: 31 Kb.
games213 Thumbnail
Where: Orbiter
When: Tarrant: "Stupid game."
Size: 33 Kb.
games226 Thumbnail
Where: Orbiter
When: Operating flight simulator.
Size: 38 Kb.
games229 Thumbnail
Where: Orbiter
When: computer: "Successful landing will score thirty percent more than stable orbit."
Size: 36 Kb.
games252 Thumbnail
Where: Scorpio
When: Tarrant: "I'm glad we didn't get too close."
Size: 45 Kb.

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